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Some of the finest musical storytelling I've heard in a long, long time.
- Exclusive Magazine
A new Ziggy Stardust.
- Midwest Record
This is an album you need to take a listen to.
- Oasis Entertainment

Unknown Hero is a musical creator on a mission. He combines his extensive musical talents, which include composition, production, keyboards, and voice, with his lifelong love of heroes and their stories. Inspired by his experiences as a person of color, Unknown Hero creates a visual and musical world that is engaging and inclusive, inviting music and story lovers of all ages, genders, and hues to engage in a visionary fantasy. Growing up a fan of comics, anime, film, and video games, Unknown Hero couldn’t help but notice the widespread lack of broad representation across the mediums. He was particularly dismayed that comic-lovers were offered almost no heroes of color to look up to. Using innovative combinations of music, visual imagery, and story, Unknown Hero has set out to right this representational wrong.

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